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In 2019, Aidan is an Edinburgh tour guide with a mythical secret. In 1919, Saoirse is a Great War nurse who's got nothing left to live for - until the sea brings a naked, unconscious man to her feet. Not one easily shocked after caring for the most broken of men in France, Saoirse takes the stranger in and tends to his wounds. Except the man is all kinds of unusual and she begins to question whether he even is a man at all. Is the grief driving her mad or is there more to the world than she ever thought possible? Saoirse hopes to find answers in her Aunt Aoife's diaries, since the gentle giant she rescued from the sea has no recollection of how he ended up there in the first place. * an open novella contest entry weekend updates * prompt: "When something tragic happens, it's often said we lose a piece of ourselves. How far would you go to find these lost parts of yourself in order to be whole again?" featured on @WattpadHistoricalRomance - 'Traveling Through Time' @talesofthedeep - 'Fintastic Reads - Sea Creatures'

Part one

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