WILD CARD {ONC 2020...
By StephRose1201
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**AMBASSADOR PICK & LONGLIST OpenNovellaContest 2020** "Legend has it, if you stand in front of a mirror holding a cup and a candle, you can open a doorway between dimensions." Prince Teodric of Springport remembers the promise he made his father: to *not* try to reenact the legend of dimensions. At sixteen, he laughed at his father's claims that there were ways of traveling through portals to other realms; but five years later, as sole heir to his recently deceased father's kingdom, the eerie tale somehow reenters his mind, and with it a curious desire to break his promise. To see if, as his father said, other dimensions existed, and one traveled to them via mirrors. But Teo gets more than he ever dreamed he would, and soon wakes in a realm of the imaginary, the insane, and the impossible... only to find he switched places with a knave named Jack of Spades. Written for the 2020 ONC contest, and based on prompts #25 & #49 A fantasy/paranormal mix of Alice in Wonderland and card-game characters, where our MC is thrown into an improbable alternate dimension filled with what he doesn't believe in: magic.


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by StephRose1201