Three Reasons
By Glamour680
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Hunter is a very successful and wealthy man that is enjoying his life as a well known bachelor. He is known of having very beautiful elegant woman at his side whenever he felt the need for them. He didn't plan on changing his way of living until a very beautiful Ebony woman grabs his attention. She is definitely not like the other women he is use to, but something about her pulls him to her. His attraction to her is unexpected. Out of all women she was the one to tug at his heart. The woman that he wanted was only willing to spend a few lustful nights with him and then she will leave him forever that is until the unexpected has her coming back to him. Reagan had everything going for herself. A great job helping kids and a home to call her own until a trip to the hospital changes everything. Her dream of having a handsome man sweep her off her feet and marry her and becoming a mother is shot to pieces after the doctor gives her the worse news anyone wants to hear. she is dying and everything she worked for was going to be forgotten. Accepting her fate she gives into a handsome man giving herself to him for a few lustful nights. There short affair would just have to be enough. Or would it?

Chapter 1

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Three Rea...
by Glamour680