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We are pleased to present to you the third edition of the multilingual and multi-profile Valentine's Day 2020 Contest! Join us in this fantastic adventure! This year we have something for everybody. If you are a fan of Cupid, and even if you are not... stay with us. This year's theme is Love and Heartbreak. Pick a theme! Everyone will have their say. Profiles taking part of this year's contest are: Adultfiction AfterRomanceIT AmbassadorsCZSK AmbassadorsDE AmbassadorsRo Beauty ChickLitEs ClasicosES classicauthors ComeAndSitWithUs cupid DangerousLove dystopianapocalypse FanFicRo FanfictionIT FantasiaES Fantasy_it FanficIndonesia FantasyRo generalfiction HighFantasy HistoricalFiction HorrorIT LGBTQ+ LY Magic MicroBytes MitologiaES Mystery MythAndLegends New Adult PoetryTR Retold RomanceEs RomanceFR RomancePH Romancetr Teenlit Indonesia TenebrisIT WattpadCreepypasta WattpadDarkFantasy WattpadGaming WattpadHistoricalFiction WattpadRiverdale WattpadRowling WattpadVampires Wattvampiros Werewolf YAIndo YASciFantasy With the support of: AmbassadorsJP MeziradkyCZSK ClassicsTR Fan-fictionES FanficsTR FreetheLGBT+ HistoricalFictionIT Humor-ES lgbtqes WattpadMulticultural MysteryTR Poesia_ES ScifiTR SuperheroesES WattpadAnthologies WattpadWesterns

Valentine's Day Contest 2020

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Saint Val...
by mystery