Resisting The Princ...
By shorty1723
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THIS STORY GOES WITH BETWEEN TWO SOLDIERS. Should be read together ! Sebastian Jones son of Kaden Jones. His status in his parents organization has been a blessing to him. All the girls want him. All the guys wanted to be him. He changes girls like he changes his underwear. He's now in college being separated from his twin for the the first time ever. When him and his sister get called back home for the birth of their baby sister he meets his sisters new best friend Danica Ortiz. Danica Ortiz has had a rough childhood being used by her stepfather and stepbrother. She doesn't do relationships and doesn't trust easily. She prefers the hit it and quit it method when hooking up with guys. When she goes to college her roommate Sasha Jones ends up becoming her most trusted person and becomes the sister she never had. What happens when she meets her new best friends twin brother while accompanying her to the birth of her new sister. "I told you I have nothing to offer you. We agreed on sex and nothing more." She says exhaustedly. I don't know why I'm so bothered by this. I wish every girl I fucked could be like this, but I don't like it, not from her. Seeing her making out with some random dude brought out something in me I never thought I'd feel. Jealousy. "Okay and it could stay just sex until we all head back to school but just me?" I offer. "So you're telling me for the next two weeks I'm supposed to only fuck you?" I nod my head with a smirk that would have any girls panties dropped. She walks over to me with her bottom lip between her teeth. I feel myself harden as I remember how amazing that mouth felt wrapped around me. She leans in to my ear. "Why buy they pig to get a little sausage? And why stick to one pig when there's oh so many." She says as she walks away. ⚠️ THIS STORY IS FOR MATURE AUDIENCES ⚠️MATURE CONTENT ⚠️TRIGGER WARNINGS MENTIONS OF SEXUAL ASSA

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