The Tale of Outh'n...
By MKRMAuthor
  • Fantasy
  • backstory
  • fantasy
  • novelette
  • overcoming
  • perseverance
  • quest
  • self-esteem
  • shortstory
  • struggle
  • unfairness


This short story gives the reader a little more insight into one of the side characters in my current novel-in-progress. Outh'n Durr is a youngling of Shinnoah, one of the six clans populating the world of Y'Dahnndyra. The story follows him from his home village, into prison, into a life of wandering. He struggles with the desire to be accepted among his peers everywhere he goes, finding unlikely companions along his journey. Through friendship and loss, Outh'n survives until he ultimately ends up where he was always meant to be. Join him on his journey. (This will be a slow process. The story is complete, but I'm still in revisions and will upload as new chapters are at least a little more refined than they are at the time I'm writing this.)

Chapter 1: Running

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The Tale...
by MKRMAuthor