HIS Challenge
By StaceyTaylor86
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# 7 in the 'HIS' Series (Don't need to read them in order) Shaundra has recently lost her father and other than her brother, was the last family she had left. She has been left both her father's money and his club which she doesn't care for because it was the reason as to why he got killed. The biker's life isn't for her and honestly is surprised her father even left her the club knowing that her brother would love nothing more than to become the new President and have the club be ran by him. Soon however, she finds out that there's more to this then just signing the title to her brother. It involves one of her father's worst enemies and someone she knew and once loved a couple years ago before breaking her heart. Now she has to make one of the biggest decisions of her life and to remember that her decision will have impact on not just her life but the future of her father's club along with their legacy and her family name.

CHAPTER 1: Shaundra

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HIS Chal...
by StaceyTaylor86