My Aesthetic Sin (J...
By blinksarepink
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Lalisa Manoban hates vampires, and with good reason. When she was twelve her father was brutally murdered by one. As far as she's concerned all vampires are monsters. And she's happy to go on thinking this way, until Jennie Kim walks into her life. Rich, powerful and beautiful, she comes to Lisa's rescue when she needs her the most, always in the right place at the right time. Suddenly Lisa finds herself drawn to this mysterious vampire, and begins to question if she misjudged the race. But, like most of her kind, Jennie has a dark past. There are secrets she doesn't want anyone to know, least of all Lisa. She has her reasons for trying to keep Lisa at arm's length. Unfortunately, her heart has its own ideas, and falling for the girl proves inevitable. And with that comes the certainty that Lisa will discover the truth about her and realize that Jennie might just be the monster she initially thought she was.


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My Aesthe...
by blinksarepink