(Gaara X Reader) Se...
By NatashaTasyaar
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This will be a sequel of You're Not Alone (Gaara X Reader) so if you haven't read that one. I highly recommend you read that first or you'll be confuse. Description: 2 years have since Sasuke left the village to pursue his desire of getting revenge. 2 years since Naruto went of on a journey to train with on of the legendary sannin, Jiraiya. Y/N and Gaara's relationship have gotten a lot stronger, they have become the perfect couple everyone see. Y/N's ability have caught the attention of the well known rogue group, Akatsuki. They decide that Y/N would be a perfect addition to their group. How did they know about her? Will Gaara be able to protect the girl he loves with all her heart? What will happened? Read and find out! Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto. It goes to the rightful owner, Masashi Kishimoto. Storyline and any possible OC's belongs to me. I claim the rightful ownership. I hope you like it! Enjoy~

Chapter 1

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(Gaara X...
by NatashaTasyaar