White Peony [ON HOL...
By dreamlucid2
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[ON HOLD] Abby Sutter is slightly erratic, a little chaotic and just might be immensely terrified of commitment. But that's never stopped her before. When Abby starts her new apprenticeship at a local Chicago art gallery, she is more than grateful for the opportunity. As she finishes up her graduate studies, Abby's goal is to learn as much as she can from the most esteemed photographer of her generation, Garrett Russell - which is easier said than done as he doesn't appear to like her very much. However, along with her shiny new internship comes something Abby wasn't prepared to deal with at all: the emergence of a few loose ends she never got around to tying up. To move forward, Abby must ultimately decide if she should embrace her past, or if it's just better to live and let die. © 2020 by Victoria Livingston Cover image: Amy Judd Art

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White Peo...
by dreamlucid2