Legend of the Seven
By TonySwag0
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Humans were cast out of Eden for committing the original sin. Now Seven will answer, should Humanity live forever? But first, join Team Six in their rescue mission turned daring prison break from death. Author's Corner: Welcome to the Legend of the Seven series #LOTSseries, my Guardians. This is my first novel turned webnovel. I'm returning to this fictional world after a 6-year hiatus with a lot of personal growth and insight. I was the kid who read Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. I was the new adult who read I Shall Seal the Heavens and Ark. I've lost count of how many fictional worlds I've visited and lived through for I grew up on western novels but discovered eastern novels in my college years. This is my attempt to marry those two literary styles. It's my hope that this journey becomes more than just a book. If you're reading this simply expecting an ego power trip then turn back. There'll be action but with a lot of metaphysics and discussion on life with its accompanying issues. I strive to ground and make this webnovel relatable with verisimilitude. This webnovel is about choice. Freewill and its consequences. I give my characters autonomy to do and be themselves which sometimes leads to me rewriting and replotting because of pleasant surprises from my characters. Even the character who dies within the chapter they are introduced can have a massive impact. So, there'll be stories on love and loss, hope and despair, but most importantly, it'll be a story. Release schedule: I will be focus unedited releases on Royalroad and Scribblehub. Edited releases everywhere will resume July 2nd. I'm thrilled at what is happening and what is still to come. I'll work to keep this work free to access but I ask you to enjoy it from official sources so that you can be part of the discussion. There's magic in reading together to form a shared experience.

Of Origin - Day of No Tomorrow, Rise of the Seven

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Legend of...
by TonySwag0