Unhinged (h.s)
By MrStyles_TPWK
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Mountlick Woods Psychiatric Hospital: December 23, 1992, fourteen new patients. Worse form of psychosis in fifteen-year-old male Harold E. Styles. Is known to be extremely callous and barbarous. Proceed with EXTREME CAUTION!!! ~ "So Harry do you want to tell me why you're here?" "Because the doctors are forcing me to come here." He spoke with a cold tone, and it took everything in me not to shrink back in fear. "No, why are you still in this hospital?" I asked as I kept my pen to the notepad on the table. He leaned forward just slightly and placed his arms on the table, looking across at me with a chilling glare. "Because I killed my mother." "Why do you think they didn't just put you in prison?" I asked softly as his icy green eyes stayed on my light grey eyes causing me too look down at my notepad. "Because a man who kills his mother is one thing but a man who kills his mother because he wondered what she would taste like is something different." He said, causing me too look away from my notepad and look at the green eyes staring at me with a small smirk covering his chapped lips. "Are you telling me you killed your mother because- " I started as he cut me off his smirk still present. "Yes, I ate my mother."

Unhinged (h.s)

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by MrStyles_TPWK