Falling In With The...
By Dead-and-Alone
  • Fantasy
  • beasts
  • bisexual
  • business
  • ceo
  • devil
  • england
  • goblin
  • grim
  • grimreaper
  • judgement
  • korea
  • lgbt
  • lgbtpride
  • lifeanddeath
  • monsters
  • pride
  • reaper
  • vampire
  • werewolf


One second, one chance and one very big mistake. That was all it took to change the life of a woman so firmly set in her tracks. Aria Aurelia Kim is one of the richest women in England and even the world. Her firm attitude and unwavering anger normally kept those around her in line. That all had to change after one meeting with death himself. Following the meeting, a shadow of a man must follow her around but he is a little more talkative than anyone should be, according to Aria that is, and she had hoped so desperately for him to leave. A feeling that was hardly one sided, but before he can leave, he must find out her deepest, darkest secrets. The only problem is, she has quite the firm upper lip. Will he ever leave her alone? Follow Aria as she walks down dark paths and discovers a world she never even knew existed. Those old wives tales don't seem so innocent anymore.


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Falling I...
by Dead-and-Alone