Wait For You | Reva...
By lisha-stories
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From the outside looking in, Nia is a rich spoiled heiress that has no responsibilities in life. No one would ever guess that she's a lonely girl battling with a serious mental disorder. She's been looking for someone to come in and fill the void that she's been searching for through all of her personalities. Shawn is a homeless teenage father that's doing any and everything possible to keep his daughter fed and clothed. He's been hustling since a young age to help his grandmother support his younger siblings. Shawn has been fighting to provide his daughter with a better life, but between juggling school, bills and hustling he finds no easy way to do so. Shawn and Nia are from two different walks of life. When they come across each other they end up crashing in a way that neither one of them can handle. ------ This story is marked Mature for: inappropriate language, violence, drug use, mental illness triggers etc. Please read at your own leisure.


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Wait For...
by lisha-stories