Ex Mafia Princess
By Skelly__
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Sophia Morelli had just turned 21 and has recently moved to Florence, Italy. It has always been her dream to move to a new country and start her life over. But with Sophie comes a lot of baggage and her best friend, Lucy Bellamy. The sole reason why Sophia has packed her bags and fled the United Sates was because her father was the leader of the American mafia. Mafia is Sophia's life, it's all she's ever known since birth. Sophia didn't really care for it at a young age, that was until she grew up and understood what her fathers business was. Everyday she heard her father talk of the poor lives he and his men took that day. Everyday was a new and gory story. She was finally fed up with it all until the mafia had costed Sophia's mother her life. That is the day Sophia said goodbye to the U.S and hello Italy. Little does Sophia know that her father will stop at nothing to get back his daughter. We wouldn't want her to work for the opposite team would we? It would be such a shame if a certain Italian gentleman had Sophia wrapped his finger.

Chapter 1: Hello, Florence

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Ex Mafia...
by Skelly__