Roses (A Collection...
By maisarahwrites
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"A rose is beautiful, the colours and petals, but it is dangerous still, for it has thorns" • - A collection of short stories about young romance for you, single people, when you feel bored and you wanted a view of falling in love. You wanted to feel the bits of being in relationship. I am not an expert at it but I do what I can. I have never fallen in love myself but it's not wrong to imagine how love would be in our own imagination. Even if it might seems impossible. CONTENTS (what to expect) : • One shots of the particular story (long and short) • A few parts/chapters of the same story (characters) • Some mentioned character in some chapter have their own story in new story • Could have the impossible (unrealistic kind) plot of the Love Story • Third person POV • past tense (possibly some typos could have happened and wrong use of grammar) :- WARNING! To be honest, you might cringe. Don't attack me. Credits for ideas are original and belong to me.

Early author's note

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Roses (A...
by maisarahwrites