Unruly Servant
By Raizai
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Tessa Hale, once nobility is now nothing but the remainders of a lost family. Seeking a brighter future she is introduced to the life of a parlor maid in the Phantomhive household. But something is odd about the master and the butler, in fact everyone there is quite odd. None of the other servants seem capable of during their jobs correctly, the butler seems entirely too perfect, and the master of the house seems almost too attached to his mysterious butler, Sebastian. If anything could ever be able to get any stranger than an Earl with useless servants and dark secrets, it's the odd happens occurring to herself. As Tessa soon finds out, nothing is at all what it seem, including herself. The past she thought she knew was nothing but a glimpse of her extensive history and just maybe her true being isn't something that fits into her perceived world. As fiction becomes reality and reality becomes a dream, Tessa must choose her sides and quickly. After all two demons, one house, one master, and an unseen enemy can lead to an unexpected turn of events. [Hints of SebCiel or yaoi (boyxboy) for those of you who don't know the series]

Unruly Servant (chapter 1)

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Unruly Se...
by Raizai