The Avenge of the L...
By BAKA_hEyHeYheYyy
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Abandoned in an early age and never know why.. Live in the with the people who loved and cared.. I live all my life with lies and despair... But you know what is the only fact in my life? Nothing stays permanent.. The people who was with me died of the reason I never know because I was innocent and known nothing! If innocence makes me pathetic then why stay in being innocent?! Being lost in the world full of things I shouldn't have known in an early age.. I choose to be independent,I choose to hate everybody,I choose to be the opposite of a sweet loving child that every people thought I would be! I choose to hold a gun instead of dolls,I choose to be with people who teach me how to fight not to give me shitty lessons about Love and Respect! I'm Son Seunghye and I'm a bad guy.. I teach people how to fight for their rights and NEVER have hesitation in killing people who go in their way... Richness will never change anything if you can't fight " SO RICH- KIM -BROTHER -BOYS! Wanna have some fun or stick with your shitty f*cking parents" •••• " I've never say no" Yoongi said •••• "if I can escape from this life? I'm willing" Jimin said •••• " Please leave us alone! He's freaking 15!" Hoseok said " I'm sorry? but I'm bringing you both" " Hyung...come on...I don't like it here.." Jungkook said." it's a yes then " Characters Includes: BTS GOT7 EXO TWICE BP Anime: Attack on Titan characters Others: Twilight characters The maze runner characters So this is all mixed up characters but they will appear sooner. So it's basically a multi fandom fanfic but a whole new story PLEASE READ I WILL NEVER DISAPPOINT YOU AGAIN! PLEASE VOTE AND COMMENT

Chapter: 1

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The Aveng...
by BAKA_hEyHeYheYyy