Fuckboy to boyfrien...
By yunhoie_yeolie
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I am going to be editing the book to take someone out so bear with me. Y/n just start college, hoping it will be better then high school, the girl starts her first day with high hopes, just for it to be knocked down but a total fuck boy who wants to get in her pants. What will y/n do, will she fall in love and changed the. Boys heart, or will she turn away and let him continue his broken path I do not own stray kids or any of the characters in this book. All the ideas are mine so please do not steal my work. Warning there will be smuts in this maybe 16+ contents but I will put warnings in the titles of those chapters along with when the smit begins and ends people who want to read the chapter but not the smut can still read the chapter

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Fuckboy t...
by yunhoie_yeolie