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/ˈlēTHəl/ harmful or destructive. sufficient to cause death ______________ Are you one of those individuals who loath women turning themselves a mistress of someone's husband already? Are you also disgusted of those married men who are having secret affairs just simply because they are not satisfied by their own wives? Florian Thelane Carson abhors and hated those people who loves ruining someone's family. She is a product of a broken family. She lives with her father who married his mistress- someone's younger than her mother. She hates the fact that her father left her mother just for someone who doesn't know how to run a business, to cook or even to do household chores. She hates the fact that that woman ruined their once happy and wonderful family. She hates the fact that her father favors that woman than his own child. She hates the fact that that woman is so kind and trying her best to be a mother figure to her. She hates her. She abhors everything about her. She hates that woman and her father that pushed her to start rebelling against them. A girl who was once a charming and innocent becomes stone hearted, rule breaker and worst of all a flirt. But she promised herself that she will never ever follow her father's footsteps. She made a promise to herself that she will never let herself be a mistress or ruin someone's family. Until she met Rehan Jack Sawyer. Everything started to turn upside down. And for the first time, there was someone who can control her, comfort her and love her despite of everything. But then, maybe the karma is real after all and make its move against her. When the only man she loves forget her and worst of all, he is already married to someone she never expected. "Love can be very lethal, can be very dangerous. But I love it and I'll embrace it 'till I die."


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by gorgmeil