Ghoul Unhinged (A G...
By Splashtina
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Three months ago, Ken Kaneki, ran into a string of the worst luck imaginable. First, he almost died after being attacked by the binge eating ghoul, Rize Kamishirou, on his way home from his part-time job. He barely managed to survive, but was forever changed into a rare half-ghoul monstrosity. Second, he was captured by a psychotic ghoul named Jason and tortured for two weeks, making him go mad until he snapped, feasting on his captor before escaping. And if all that wasn't bad enough, he returned home just to do the unthinkable to his roommate and best friend, Hide Nagachika. Weighed down with guilt for his actions, he manages to get Hide to a hospital before turning himself in for his crimes, only to be thrown into an insane asylum after confessing his many sins. It's during his stay at the asylum, that he shut it all off and forgot everything about his past life. He only knows that he is a ghoul that hates being one, but doesn't know why. But the asylum personnel know what he's truly capable of and decide to use that in their favor, erecting a new identity for Kaneki before eventually transferring him to the ghoul correctional facility run by the CCG. For the first month after his arrival, he's kept in solitary confinement, but what will happen when he's finally unleashed into gen pop and the eyes of all the prison gangs gaze upon the fresh meat with open interest?

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Ghoul Unh...
by Splashtina