Saving Asteroth (Ri...
By AtaraMirella36945
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Nothing...All she can remember is his name...his honeysuckle scent, that sweet smile...those eyes. Saphyre, a Senior in high school, wished for only one thing and that was to, once again, have and hold her former childhood best friend, Aster. One odd day she is given the opportunity to find exactly what she is searching for, through a man that stepped into her life very much uninvited. With this discovery, came vial consequences and conflicting thoughts of lust and roles she never thought she would play in this life. Will she save the one she has always loved, craved and cared for or will she cower in the face of death, fearing the unknown of her own fate at the hands of a rather menacing Fallen Angel? ⚠Trigger Warnings ⚠: +18, Blood, Graphic/Brutal/Domestic Violence, Explicit Language, Mature Content and other bad shit🙄 **Read at your own risk** S A S A ❤✨

Introducing Saving Asteroth

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Saving As...
by AtaraMirella36945