Finding 'x'
By Illusionistic3
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FEATURED ON AMBASSADORS NG'S READING LIST. WINNER OF THE WATTYS NG AWARD OF THE MYSTERY THRILLER GENRE. ######### Ella had it all. Well, a dysfunctional family, a blog of nasties, being assistant captain of the school's basketball team and the hatred of half the entire school's population -teachers and students alike - was barely having it all, but Ella was contented with what she had. With having to repeat senior class two, warding off evil from her new school daughter and keeping a secret of late miss Nonso from the prying eyes of investigators, Ella already has enough on her plate. So when a twisted psychopath nominated her to solve random mathematical equations to unlock a certain mystery she was far from willing. Unfortunately, finding 'x' was not to be a voluntary endeavor, it was something she had to do or the consequences wouldn't just be dire, it would be pure gehenna...


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Finding '...
by Illusionistic3