The Demon and His O...
By Splashtina
  • Werewolf
  • abraxas
  • apocalypse
  • conquest
  • death
  • delacroix
  • demons
  • destiny
  • elysium
  • famine
  • gay
  • horsemen
  • kismet
  • mates
  • miasma
  • mpreg
  • mxb
  • omega
  • tartarus
  • war


Kismet Delacroix may be the youngest of his sextuplet siblings and an Omega, but he's not weak by any means. If anything, he's the strongest and wisest creature the supernatural community has ever beholden. And with his fated mate, a demon prince of Tartarus, Abraxas Solomon, by his side, no one will ever question that again. However, with great power and knowledge, comes even greater responsibility, as he's about to find out the hard way. His mostly quiet existence is slowly coming to an end as reality sets in, for his true destiny is already calling. Unbeknownst to Kismet and his loved ones, his birth unlocked the first of seven distinct seals and set an ancient prophecy into motion. And on the night before his eighteenth year, the second seal breaks, unleashing a miasma that once lurked and bided its time in the darkest shadows of the world, but has now gained the ability to walk the Earth once more in the form of a man. And his awakening paves a way for the third and fourth seals to crumble, bringing forth two more beings. One is fated to bring war upon the world and the other, a famine of biblical nature. With Conquest, War, Famine and Death reunited again, it's only a matter of time before the last three seals unlock and bring about the Apocalypse. Just when they thought the time for fighting was done, the real evil has only begun to rise. And even Elysium will perish if they cannot stop the seventh seal from breaking, thus ending all life and beginning Earth's rebirth. May the fates have mercy on their souls.

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The Demon...
by Splashtina