A Dance of Princes...
By Abreadcrumbie
  • Romance
  • alternateuniverse
  • angst
  • boyxboy
  • crownprince
  • future
  • gay
  • kingdoms
  • prince
  • princes
  • royalty


There's nothing extraordinary about Vincent Stronghold. Bullied by pesky jocks, living in poverty with his single mom, and working at Best Buy at Walmart. With a loving mother and a great loyal best friend, he couldn't ask for more; he never wanted anything more. But when a group of men in uniform comes to his school to claim him as the next rightful heir to the kingdom of Allyria, a country too rich for its own good, Vincent's life is twisted and molded into something else entirely. When Vincent is escorted to the kingdom, he doesn't know what to expect. Palaces, expensive clothing, dashing looking Princes; everything is what Vincent could never dream of. He begins to question if he really is royalty material, and when he has a whole country criticizing his every move, pesky jocks, and an unsatisfied ex-boyfriend creeping behind his back, what do you get? Utter chaos. Will he be able to live up to his title, or will certain forces cause him to crumble and go back to living in the poverty he dared to leave?

Chapter 1

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A Dance o...
by Abreadcrumbie