Demon King is my Hu...
By lesson101
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This is a Fantasy-Romance, Action-Adventure Gay Novel where the story runs along with a man named Oliver Bay. Upon dying, he was transmigrated into a different world. He suddenly found himself married to a soon to be Demon King, Set, a surprisingly gentle and naive God of Chaos. Together they will rule the Demon realm, have an adventure, create an heir, and discover love? * * * Awakened by a phone call, Oliver slowly rose up from the bed blinking his eyes a few times. He stared at the familiar white curtain of his room as it protected him from the sun's rays of sunlight that penetrated the glass sliding door by the terrace. He releases a sigh of relief as he realized he is in his cozy room. "It was a dream." He breathes out in relief. His dream last night was so realistic he almost believed that he died, transmigrated, married a Demon God, and most of all turned into a Demon himself. Recalling his dream, Oliver closes his eyes. "hmmm, I could almost still feel my tail swayin---AHHHHH!" Screaming as he stared wide-eyed at the majestic man laying beside him. He had a frown forming on his perfect eyebrows, clearly, it showed he was displeased at the sudden outburst. Oliver opened his mouth and close it again like a fish out of the water. Both he and the man were naked, their tails were tangled whilst swaying. "Are you always this lively in the morning, my Mania?" He asked with his deep penetrating voice. What is happening?? * * *

1- Death by a Truck!

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Demon Kin...
by lesson101