Complications With...
By BelleAdams001
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There is this girl, (you). She is inlove with her bestfriend (Barry). They both get powers, Barry, of course, get super speed and is in a coma for 9 months. While you get 7 different powers and you were in a coma for 14 months. While you try to figure out your powers, you also figure out 'powerful secrets' (name of a chapter!) and you have a choice to make. This choice leads you to falling in love with Savitar and risking your life to be with him. Unfortunately he gets hurt somewhere and you have to go back to the old love of your life... with a child. After resolving issues, you start falling for him again. Now you have two children and a fiancee... ahh now it gets even more crazy. You find out why you truly have 7 powers and you find out what happens when you don't find the right solution. Do you die fighting or will you finally marry the love of your life?? Please read. I want to know how I am doing.. You don't have to vote, but I would truly love it if you commented what you think of it and what I should work on. Also I'm mexicana, so some words I don't know how to spell or how to say them in spanish, tell me if you know. Thank you! ~Rosabellađź’›

Chptr 1: Starting

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by BelleAdams001