The Angels Gift
By Crystal_Fandoms365
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This is a story about Crystal, a Princess of the planet Crylia. Crystal was born with what is known to her kind as the "Angels Gift", she is the only person in existence to have this gift. Crystal has been forced to marry her best-friend Lotor. While others may not think it's that bad, Crystal loved Lotor but as a friend. Lotor knew this and decided to help Crystal escape the night before there wedding. She escaped in a pod and flew off leaving notes for her family and taking Amethyst her dragon with her. Crystal flew through the galaxies for a few days and while on her journey she saw a "Reality Gate". This gate would take her to another reality, Crystal decided that she would go through the gate but once she came out the other side the gate closed! Will she find her way home? What adventures will she go on? Will she find the love she has longed?


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The Angel...
by Crystal_Fandoms365