Lovers Anthem
By jgbhotline
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❝ Falling 'madly in love' with you would be considered a fucking tragedy. ❞ Remedy Lane is an outgoing adolescent that has everything 'going for her' , loving friends, popularity, and a overall satisfaction with life - until her parents suddenly reconnect after sixteen years forming a surprising romance - the big problem is ... her father didn't know of her mere existince beforehand. Nonetheless her father welcomes them with open arms causing previously content-with-life Remedy to move all the way to a unfamiliar yet seemingly idealistic neighborhood in Los Angeles, California, we're she immediately feels at odds, despite the beautiful scenery. With no other choice but to embrace her circumstances she decides to adjust to her new town, new parent, and new life, but her across the street neighbor, the difficult yet handsome Parker Daley almost immediately shows her that even the most beautiful of towns have troubled people.


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Lovers An...
by jgbhotline