Fall For Me (Undeni...
By Write_4ever_
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Undeniable Duology Book 2 *Features the Harrington Boys ****** Naomi has been hurt before and her trust levels have plummeted. Building a wall around her heart is the only way she knew how to handle it. Trevor isn't afraid to admit he hasn't been in a serious relationship before because he is waiting for someone who is worth sticking around for. From the moment these two met sparks have been flying. Onlookers think it's raw sexual chemistry. However, Trevor refuses to admit his feelings for her and Naomi is too scared for her heart to do anything about it. What happens when Trevor and Naomi start filming along side each other as love interests in their next movie? Will Trevor realise he's been denying his true feelings all along, will he break through Naomi's endless walls around her heart and most importantly, will she let him? One thing's for certain. You can't deny chemistry forever. *Contains Sexual Content

Chapter 1

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Fall For...
by Write_4ever_