Since Childhood
By melodiyuh
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At the age 30, Daniela Rhein Sebastian finally reached her ultimate dream and that is to become a doctor, a licensed obstetrics-gyneology. She's always been the ethical type of woman, a professional one who wears formal attires even at her casual days. But if Timothy Avila were to described her, the suitable word would be sweet and he don't know, maybe perfect. Timothy have known her since they were kids and as they grew older together, they developed a feelings for each other. Feelings that they suppressed and disregarded for so long because of fear, a fear of losing each other and ruining their friendship. For more than a decade, Daniela Rhein had been keeping a secret from her bestfriend. A secret about their first night sleeping with each other, one steamy night during their teenage years. But all along, Timothy mistaken his bestfriend as his girlfriend, Amanda. Just like their feelings for each other, Daniela's secret will be revealed and what comes after was something she never expected. A marriage!


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Since Chi...
by melodiyuh