5SOS Kidnapped Me?...
By notsoradrose5SOS
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Alice was an innocent girl.Never had sex,never had a boyfriend,but sure did hate her parents with a burning passion. It was a little teenage phase,she rejected being a teen,considering she was 18,that the older generation called it.Absolutely not. Alice was 18 years old,living in a cozy little apartment by herself,along with her little kitten named Bobby. Only if she knew she had stalkers.4 vampire stalkers,who've watched her since she was born. They couldn't resist watching her sleep. They knew it sounded pervy,but they couldn't resist. She was their mate. __________________________ Hey there lovelies! I decided to make a 5SOS kidnapping story because I made a 1D's kidnapping story,and you should know,1D and 5SOS are my baes.HANDS DOWN! (I didn't leave you out Ansel Elgort!) I hope you like this! Love you all! WARNING!!! If you get pissed easily then I suggest you do not (I WANT YOU TOO THOUGH!) read this story due to slow updates! all rights reserved © notsoradrose5SOS

5SOS kidnapped me?! (A 5SOS Vampire Fanfiction)

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5SOS Kidn...
by notsoradrose5SOS