[On Hold]Sacrifice...
By TaeyongKinkyMom
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A crossover of TayNew, KongArthit and 2 moon characters; PhaYo, ForthBeam and MingKit. The story contain of the original arrangements of the couples with slightly different storylines. All the character will face a lot of challenges throughout the story. Will the power of love made them strong enough to survive the obstacles and live a happy life forever? Disclaimer: All the character and name belongs to the original authors and writers of 2 moon the series, SOTUS the series and Dark Blue Kiss the series. I am sorry for the inconvenience occurs throughout the story grammar wise or update wise. I am still new in this field, the fact I write this story to satisfy my thirst for more BL fan fictions. And also English is not my first language, there might a lot of inconvenience in wrong grammar and repeated vocabs. Warning : Mature Contents


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[On Hold]...
by TaeyongKinkyMom