The Girl with the S...
By pdimitriou2726
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Why is Andre de Rocha being unapprochable and dismissive towards Kimiko Callaghan? Being a 15-year-old at MIT, Kimmy is faced with many problems. When her Yakuza cousin visits, things get dangerous. Being highly gifted with an incredible IQ is hard. Kimiko knows it all: Either people have high expectations of you and admire you for you immense abilities. Or they can't bear to be near you because they feel insecure and see you as a threat for their average existence. Some even think of you as some kind of freak, an abnormality. Kimiko is a freshman in astrophysics at MIT. Yes, she is young, but she is levelheaded, strong and not so easily intimidated. Her dream: To know, whats beyond the horizon of reality. Is there some kind of life other then us in the universe? After an audition as lead guitarist for a metal band, she gets to know the guys and becomes good friends with them. Okay, not all of them. "Dre", the singer, is unapprochable and dismissive towards her. Kimiko wonders why. Whats his deal?

Middle school is on the other side of the road

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The Girl...
by pdimitriou2726