And Then There Was...
By isabelle_olmo
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Victor Manning has been infuriating Becka since she sat behind him in 7th grade English. He's cocky, self-centered, obnoxious, and above all, he's somehow discovered that she has a crush on Clem. His teasing of her crush has her climbing on his car and spelling ASSHOLE with her red lipstick on his windshield. But the end of High School has all of Becka's friends moving away and she's stuck going to the local university knowing only Victor. YA/NA, for cursing. New chapter posted daily, humor and coming of age. Set in the 1990s. "You're welcome," he said. "Do me a favor, don't lend me helping hands." "But you got to dance with dashing Clemente," he glanced at the ballroom. "Cost me a pretty argument but you're welcome." I studied him; he was completely sober, nothing like he was earlier, and I opened my mouth to question him, but he pursed his lips. "I told you, find yourself someone who says fuck it all and goes after you," he said. "Aren't you tired of chasing after Clem?" "I'm not -" "Yeah, you are, you're still chasing," he smirked and sauntered back into the dancing fray.

Chapter 1

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And Then...
by isabelle_olmo