His Chosen One(Tom...
By the_writecraft
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Your family bloodline is very famous. Your mother and father are Order of Merlin first-class. You have been sorted into Slytherin and excel in studies as well as the quidditch pitch. You are in your sixth year and are the quidditch captain and this year, you have been made a prefect with another classmate of yours from the same house, Tom Riddle. You both have to go for patrolling and have the same duties. You both envy each other as YOU BOTH ARE NO LESS THAN EACH OTHER, even in the dark arts. You are known for your knowledge and looks and definitely your family history. Fall in love with Tom Riddle and help him transform. You suspect a Gryffindor guy named Alex Helling as he is rumored to have heard his prophecy and is always behind Tom to get him expelled. What would be the end?? Can you change the stubborn Tom?? Who is The Chosen One?? THIS BOOK IS CURRENTLY BEING EDITED!! PLEASE CO-OPERATE...AND SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE..

The Awaited Morning

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His Chose...
by the_writecraft