The Mighty King &am...
By flugpucker16
  • Werewolf
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  • demon
  • fantasy
  • humans
  • kingandqueen
  • luna
  • magic
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  • nudity
  • oldblood
  • romance
  • vampire
  • werewolf
  • witch


The world has change so much as time passes by, humans were once on the top food chain but shapeshifters and magical creatures appears leaving them as the number one prey, Werewolves that can shift from giant wolf that is 10x stronger than a normal human, vampires that drain thier blood, witches that play magical spells and rare lycan that appears to be the strongest creature that ever lived. But this story is not how humans fight for their freedom against vampires, Werewolves and witches, it's about how my life as the oldest and greatest witch find herself stumbling in a kingdom ruled by a lycan who hates witches but destiny is a funny thing, two powerful creatures find thereselves bound for each other by the moon goddess, they tried to avoid the pull of mating but who will last when they clearly live to be together.


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The Might...
by flugpucker16