Stuck in the Middle...
By SumNawaz
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Calum Hood and Sloane Thorne were set to take over their families' merging companies--except, the businesses weren't the only ones merging. As part of a deal, their families have arranged for the two to get married, providing a united front in the consolidation of their companies. But they weren't in love, and the only thing this forced marriage was doing was straining their friendship. So before the wedding bells rang, the two run off to a beach house in Florida with their friends to enjoy the little freedom they had left. Under the bright sun and cool ocean, they were allowed to do whatever they wanted. Except Calum hadn't expected to fall for their neighbor, River Young, and Sloane hadn't counted on suppressed feelings for her friend, Luke, to emerge--nor did she expect him to return them. Calum and Sloane had their freedom in Florida. But what would happen when vacation time was over? Pursuing relationships that had an inevitable expiration date wasn't as freeing as they'd counted on.

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Stuck in...
by SumNawaz