Spider man into the...
By MarvelousPeterParker
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In hopes of saving his mentor, Tony Stark, Peter Parker decided to build a machine that could open up different realities. Of course he would have to be careful, after what happened with Miles Morales in his universe. But mimicking that plan worked out flawlessly, and he managed to see other universes as he pleased! On the downside the machine exploded, opening a rip in the multiverse and taking Peter inside. Now Peter is stuck in 7 different universes, and his only hope of getting out is from the help of others inside. But those people... or Some demons... aren't exactly what he'd expected. Crossover between: Miraculous Ladybug Stranger Things Harry Potter Percy Jackson How to train your dragon Hazbin Hotel Marvel You obviously won't know all of these so I will explain all of what you need to know when needed! WARNING: This is on going so it will have a few grammar and spelling errors. It's ok it you write in the comments but since this story isn't finished yet I probably will ignor it till it is!

Chapter one

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Spider ma...
by MarvelousPeterParker