Blind By Love
By love_angell20
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"This is Rumaan's child" I heard mama said. I didn't look up at her. I keep my head lowered. because I didn't have the courage to face her. "This is not my child," he said abruptly. I looked at him with wide eyes. I was beyond shocked. What he just said. Did I hear him right? No, he can't say that. How can he? But as he looked away from me, my heart beats stopped. my breath hitched. And that's where he broke me completely "HOW DARE YOU RUMAAM" mama yelled and slapped him. "Mama..." he was shocked that his mother slapped him " don't call me mama.," she yelled and was about to hit him again but I stopped her "no mama," I said and they all turned to me I slowly get up and went in front of them " he's right.. this is not his child" I put my hand on my stomach and said I had tears in my eyes but I did not let them fall in front of him whom I loved with my everything because now I was tired of crying for his love. I was blind. Blind by love but not anymore. Everyone looked at me shocked even Rumaan couldn't believe what I just said ★★★ Hana Rafeeq Mirza a beautiful innocent kind-hearted 20 years old girl Everyone loves cared and respect her but the one she loves since childhood her cousin her love of life, didn't love her neither he respects her. Rumaan Ahmed Mirza a hot handsome and flirt 23 years old boy. He was famous as a playboy in America. He never cared for those things which he gets easily and that's what Hana whom he got so easily. And he just wanted to get rid of her at any cost. He knew that Hana was crazy for him that's why he always took her advantage. Will Rumaan ever realize his mistakes or if he realised it will be too late??? Want to know?? Yes? Then join their journey with me Warning: this is my first story and English is not my mother tongue. so it maybe has a lot of grammar mistakes. So read it at your own risk Started: 26/1/2020 Finished:16/6/2020 #1 in heartbreak #4 in betrayal #3 in spiritual #1 in innocent #1 in spiritual


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Blind By...
by love_angell20