Another World - Cle...
By attemptingtowrite07
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Lena wanted to show her new L-Corp project to her best friend. She wanted to discover the multiverse. The machine wasn't ready for so many Earths and something went wrong. Kara and Lena find themselves on another Earth. Earth 102 to be exact. Clarke wanted to be alone after Mount Weather. That's why she left, wandering the Trikru territory and border to Azgeda for the past three months when she sees sees something strange on her walk to the trading post. Two women in the clothes of the Old World. Two women not from the Ark. How will the Commander react to finding out new invaders have appeared on her lands? How will Kara and Lena get home? Will Kara finally tell her best friend the truth? Will Clarke forgive the Commander for her betrayal at Mount Weather as bigger problems force her to resurface after three months alone?

Worlds Apart

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Another W...
by attemptingtowrite07