Forget me not (YiZh...
By weiweilan1
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Xiao Zhan a 27 year old alpha, finds himself obliged not only to be the leader of the most powerful pack but also to take care of his two little sons while one of them is only 3 years old. Torn between his endless responsibilities and the guilt of causing his husband's death, Wang Yibo, Xiao Zhan is on the verge of breaking down. Yibo was a very weak and sickly omega who had spent most of his days home and Zhan knew that getting him pregnant would cause his death eventually yet he did it twice, the omega passing away while birthing their second child. What will happen when he meets him again during an encounter with another pack, introduced as an alpha and his biggest enemy, with no memories of their past life. Top : Xiao Zhan / Bottom: Wang Yibo (Mpreg) Ranked: 1st : #Mpreg 3rd : #thefounderofdiabolism 7th : #Yizhan 1st: #Xuexiao 5th: #the untamed

Chapter 1

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Forget me...
by weiweilan1