Patiently They Wait
By DonRMontgomery
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Mitch Karman is your typical disaffected student - tired of being stuck and worried his life is going to be just like everyone else's - boring and predictable. But when he discovers evidence of alien contact and the group covering it up, he gets sucked into a high stakes conspiracy. Recruited by the project, Mitch dreams of adventure and excitement on a far off world. But before he leaves, he's abducted by government agents and forced to work for them too. Now an unwilling double agent, Mitch must uncover the truth and leak it back to Earth. Or there'll be hell to pay. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a science fiction novella I've been working on for quite awhile - hopefully you'll find it exciting and a good read. I'm always happy to hear feedback, so feel free to comment and, if you enjoy it, please vote/follow me. It really helps, especially since I'm very new to the Wattpad platform. And to all my fellow writers out there - keep on fighting!


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by DonRMontgomery