Hate You Less
By jobeck0813
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"I was starting to fall for her, even if I didn't want to. I was falling in love with Noelle. I was falling in love with my stepsister. Noelle was like that stupid red apple. She was tempting me, dangling herself right in front of me. Begging me to take just one single bite. I would sin a million times over just to get another taste of her. A hundred tastes of her. She was my craving. My addiction. " I wasn't ready for someone like Noelle. She was smart, quiet, and naive. She saw past my temper, arrogant attitude, and hate. The moment I saw her standing at the door waiting for me to arrive at my fathers mansion I knew she would be my revenge against the man that was supposed to be my father. Still everything about her made me want to reach out and protect her. Shelter her from the pain I was going to cause. I wasn't supposed to want her. I was supposed to use her, to break her. I couldn't let feelings get involved. Noelle was no one to me, nothing... Until she turned out to be everything. *** mature content adult language violence


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Hate You...
by jobeck0813