When Will It Last?
By LyssaCera
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Princess Arlia Elizabeth Knight. Being born a Princess is what any young ladies dreamed to be, but not this Princess. Being born with everything laid out to you is a good thing to most people, but this Princess doesn't think so. Call her ungrateful, but can you blame her? People may think that when you're born rich, you can have everything in this world. That's where you're wrong. Having things laid out before you doesn't give you the choice you wish you have. Your direction in life is already designed even before you are born. How cruel right? The freedom to choose what she wants and desires is what she could only hope for. But then again, even if you think you can have everything because you are born with it, doesn't mean you can, right? ~•~•~•~•~ ~ Lyssa Al✓


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When Will...
by LyssaCera