Despite It All
By elisemariel
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[•2020 Readers' Choice Winner for Best Beginner's Story and Nominee for Best Overall Story•] Lauren Allert is a pediatric oncology nurse whose spirit has been crushed by the burden of hope. It takes a strong person to take care of kids with cancer, and her resolve is quickly eroding. Wounded, Lauren works hard to shield herself from future heartbreaks-to her own detriment. Alone and pessimistic, she finds herself slowly drowning under the weight of her own defenses. When an alluring man aims to set her dormant embers aflame, his success is hindered by a secret that threatens to overshadow their budding romance. Once again, Lauren must decide if she should follow her protective head, or her fluttering heart. As Lauren's personal life and professional life blend into one, a familiar darkness casts itself over her newfound happiness, which increases the chaos that bubbles within her temperamental soul. Determined to work harder than ever to protect those she loves, Lauren soon learns-not everyone will come out unscathed. Trigger Warning: This book will have steamy, mature scenes. It will also contain sensitive subjects related to cancer and its effects. Mature audiences advised. Started: February 1, 2020 Completed: April 15, 2020

Chapter 1

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Despite I...
by elisemariel