One Night Only
By QueenVictoriia
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© Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved. But all it takes is one time.. Keira Davis only wanted one night away from her hectic and demanding job as Editor in Chief at Black Diamond Magazine. She's known for always being an hardworking and dedicated woman with an outstanding work ethic. Now, she wants one night to do something out of character and spontanous. So when she meets the gorgeous Sean Miller in a club one night with her friends, she takes that opportunity like a pro. Even if that one night could change her life and also cost her whole career. Business has brought Sean Miller to New York City. Business and that's all- so he thought. He doesn't want to be tied down to any woman since he's recently just got out of a relationship with his schizophrenic and compulsive liar ex-girlfriend. Although he is not in a relationship, he's never been the guy to turn down a night filled with hot and steamy sex. But what happens when he discovers that night of fun he had was with his new boss?


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One Night...
by QueenVictoriia