DreamHunter (Karame...
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Mon-el is an infamous and adventurous aristocrat of Krypton, who leaves in a dangerous journey to the other side of the world Daxam, in search of a treasure that it's his dream. There he meets a young man who promised to help him if he paid to him a ticket to get out of Daxam. His dream or in this case her dream is to get out of Daxam and go to krypton to find her father. Her mission was simple: take him to his dream, than he would pay her and he would never know that she was a woman not a boy however a night of terror brings them together and that night will forever change their lifes. When Kara goes to Krypton where a better life expects her, she leaves behind Mon-el, the man who conquest her heart, until the day he returns and invades the space she so badly fought for. Kara has now a new question in her mind: Will she choose love or comfort?


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by Living4series