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By you-can-call-me-smo
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if i told you right now i was happy i wouldn't be telling the truth but i wouldn't exactly be lying. i know that when i go home tonight, i'll lay down in my bed when i should be asleep, and listen to songs that remind me of her. but right about now, i'm not doing so bad, smiling for real and not being sad. i know that happiness is coming, and i am here to greet it. if i told you right now i was happy, you should feel free to believe me, because though i'm not happy, per se, i know now that i am getting there. ~~~~ Yet another collection of poems because I just can't seem to slow down. These are probably gonna be mostly breakup poems (take a guess) but who knows? Maybe that'll change. These are all original, so please don't copy/steal my ideas or plagiarize. That, my friend, is just plain rude. If one of my poems inspired you to write something, let me know and depending how similar it is I might ask for credit. Otherwise, please just read and enjoy!


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the journ...
by you-can-call-me-smo