Fall Like Lightning
By cristamchugh
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Five young women control the fate of humanity's expansion into space. After the Global Earth Alliance's (GEA's) hostile takeover of the fourth independent space colony, rebel leaders from the colonies launch an operation called Project Ragnarok to cripple the GEA and drive them out of outer space. And at the heart of the offensive are the young women chosen to pilot five revolutionary combat suits known as the Valkyries. Each pilot must use her wits to infiltrate the enemy and protect the space colonies she's vowed to liberate. But when they discover there is more to Project Ragnarok than they were led to believe, they second guess the orders they were given and question the loyalty of her allies. Meanwhile, a power-hungry young GEA officer named Theo Alexandrov will stop at nothing to achieve his vision of peace for all mankind. Even if it means manipulating the Valkyrie pilots into killing those who stand in his way. *Character artwork by Ilona Beukers/@ArtsicFox on Twitter *Cover art by Sweet 'N Spicy Designs

Chapter 1 - Please Let Her Be Safe

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Fall Like...
by cristamchugh